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The Chic Brush

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What’s In It?

1 x The Chic Brush

Your new good-looking toothbrush on your bathroom counter. Gigi’s natural bamboo toothbrush is eco-friendly with a 100% biodegradable handle.

Soft Bristle - Uniquely curved soft bristles that's gentle on our teeth and gums.

Extra Soft Bristle - Extra soft bristles with a finer tip to reach in the hard to get areas of our mouth for gentle yet efficient cleaning.

Made from?

Handle is 100% plant-based from bamboo

BPA free nylon bristles

Important: Due to our humid weather, please open package promptly upon arrival and keep our Chic Brush dry completely between uses.

Please expect differences in colour and texture as bamboo is a natural material and will differ from each Chic Brush to another.

The Chic Brush

The Chic Brush

RM17.90 MYR

"Gigi leaves my mouth feeling SO fresh and clean. I've tried a lot of natural ingredients toothpastes before but they don't leave my teeth feeling clean enough. The packaging is so gorg! BONUS it's Malaysian made. Support local!"

— Kim